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## Schedule
+* November 09 _x_: arrive, at 12, get luggage wait for the EU people to get signed through customs and immigrations till (might be 1pm), get octopus cards and get high speed train to main MTR network then to hotel. Should be able to checkin by 2:30pm. Kerstin and I will leave by now. Freshen up and grab a bite (end by 5:30), wander around aimlessly towards water front to see , this is at 8pm it runs for 15mins, walk back on nathan road to hotel, there are lots of cool pubs along that road!, its about 30min walk. Bring walking shoes, do not bring high heels.
* November 10 _x_: (tbd)
* November 11: discovering suburbia Yuen Long, wedding banquet
* November 12 _x_: (tbd)