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+## Schedule
* November 10 _x_: (tbd)
* November 11: discovering suburbia Yuen Long, wedding banquet
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* November 16 _xx_ : (tbd)
* November 17: Jim's b-day, Claudi's and Ante's departure at noon time, Jose's and Stefan's departure at midnight.
-_x_ dates without Jim and Kerstin
-_xx_ dates with partially Jim & Kerstin
+* _x_ dates without Jim and Kerstin
+* _xx_ dates with partially Jim & Kerstin
+## Things to consider
Look up for these things: night market, lady's market, the peak,
ferry, laser show, stanley, repulse bay, mong kok, tea museum, central
escalator, diamond hill, ifsc (viewing platform and hong kong stock
exchange), kowloon walled city
+## Misc
Not sure if you are interested in Disney land, wetland park or ocean