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[[!tag draft]]
+There is a scheme in Ireland called the [Bike to Work][] scheme. Which
+basically allows people to buy bikes to cycle to work, where the cost
+of the bike is basically tax free. I decided to avail of this scheme
+since I will soon be moving out of the apartment that me and my wife
+are currently living at soon (I hope). I'm preparing to commute into
+work via cycling (or walking more), I'm going to try and avoid public
+transport where possible. This is both to save time and money as the
+cost of public transport is ever increasing. It also means that I get
+more exercise, I used to do lots of cycling. I stopped, why did I
+stop? I discovered work!
+Anyhow I ended up ordering (in the process of) getting a Brompton,
+specifically with the M-type handlebars, mud guards & rack, 6 speed
+gears and in the stock black paint work.
+Basically I got a comfortable commuters fold up bike, I'll probably
+need to get a helmet and some lights when the bike gets ordered and
+shipped. The total cost was 1136e, it was 280e more than the Dahon Mu
+P8 which is equivalent to the Brompton that I spec'd up which was what
+I originally wanted.
+I didn't get the Dahon as most of the retailers in Ireland seemed to
+be dropping the brand for some strange reason (I asked a few sellers,
+and it seems they are pulling out of the UK & Ireland markets for some
+reason). Hence Brompton is probably a safer bet. I'm really excited
+with this as I haven't owned a bike in ages and I've wanted a Brompton
+for a while now.
+I wonder if it's because of the [Dahon lawsuit][] that was happening
+last year and the company is just restructuring.
+[Bike to Work]:
+[Dahon lawsuit]: