It's time to revisit the average wait times at INIS for citizenship applications.

Date Average wait time
2009-06-21 23 months
2010-02-28 24 months
2011-03-08 26 months
2011-05-11 25 months
2012-02-06 23 months

So I made my application back in early 2010. I had received acknowledgemnt that INIS had received my application around about this time two years ago, since then not much has happened on this front.

I've waited two years for my paperwork to be done. In that time the goverment has changed, I've gotten a few pay cuts and a new job, got married. By the way, the average wait time since I started recording the average wait times is now 24 months. Well it's an average of the averages.

According to the application processing times page on the INIS website, a number of measures have been introduced to reduce the wait times. I suspect the measures that they have introduced apply only to new applicants and that existing applications that are queued up will be dealt with in due time.

It's still a depressingly long wait.

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