So after 24 months and about 2 weeks later my naturalisation application has been approved. Not quite the 6 month wait that a new applicant would have to wait for.

Date Average wait time
2009-06-21 23 months
2010-02-28 24 months
2011-03-08 26 months
2011-05-11 25 months
2012-02-06 23 months
2012-02-23 24 months*

* What I waited for, 24 whole long months.

I have a few more things left to do before it is all official, such as pay the 950 euro fee to register as a citizen. Get an Irish (EU) passport and I will be done! Post paper work, I am going to make sure I register on the voting register. Now that I can make a change, I will at least make the attempt at participating in making changes for the better for this country.

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