There is a scheme in Ireland called the Bike to Work scheme. Which basically allows people to buy bikes to cycle to work, where the cost of the bike is basically tax free. I decided to avail of this scheme since I will soon be moving out of the apartment that me and my wife are currently living at soon (I hope). I'm preparing to commute into work via cycling (or walking more), I'm going to try and avoid public transport where possible. This is both to save time and money as the cost of public transport is ever increasing. It also means that I get more exercise, I used to do lots of cycling. I stopped, why did I stop? I discovered work!

Anyhow I ended up ordering (in the process of) getting a Brompton, specifically with the M-type handlebars, mud guards & rack, 6 speed gears and in the stock black paint work.

Basically I got a comfortable commuters fold up bike, I'll probably need to get a helmet and some lights when the bike gets ordered and shipped. The total cost was 1136e, it was 280e more than the Dahon Mu P8 which is equivalent to the Brompton that I spec'd up which was what I originally wanted.

I didn't get the Dahon as most of the retailers in Ireland seemed to be dropping the brand for some strange reason (I asked a few sellers, and it seems they are pulling out of the UK & Ireland markets for some reason). Hence Brompton is probably a safer bet. I'm really excited with this as I haven't owned a bike in ages and I've wanted a Brompton for a while now.

I wonder if it's because of the Dahon lawsuit that was happening last year and the company is just restructuring now which is causing all these weird issues.

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