According to the Irish Times article New Irish citizens will have to swear oath of fidelity, assuming I get naturalised I will now have a ceremony to attend instead of going to a court to be sworn in. This new Minister for Justice isn't too bad I guess, he is doing his job and making things more efficient in general. It's interesting to see that the article quotes some numbers. They have processed 5578 applications and have about 17000 sitting in a queue and they did this in about 2.5 months. At this rate of processing I might actually see some post informing that I have or have not been naturalised.

To refer back to my previous post 2011-05 -- Update on long naturalisation times in Ireland, here is an updated table.

Date Average wait time
2009-06-21 23 months
2010-02-28 24 months
2011-03-08 26 months
2011-05-11 25 months
2011-06-21 23 months

The INIS page for informing people about processing times has also changed to this. Based on what I have, the average wait time is 24 months with a standard deviation of 1.3 months.

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