I've yet again revisited sector, this time I have a need. I need some system or some way of storing lots of old user data and have it stored relatively safely. I also did not want to spend much time setting up things and configuring things.

Having set it up I then got annoyed with the fact that I couldn't manage the files from my own mac workstation. So I spent a few hours figuring out what I needed to do to make it work on my mac. It actually turned out to be pretty easy to port over to OSX, the original developers did a pretty good job at making it portable. I've temporarily put up a repo with the changes that I have made.

git clone git://sgenomics.org/jtang/code/sector.git

My changes are based on sector 2.6.a, once you have checked out the code (on OSX) just type make, and it should build automatically if you have xcode installed. Everything thing else is the same as the Linux version once it is installed. The tools all work. I have even tried to setup a mini "cluster" with the OSX version, although I would strongly suggest users not to use OSX as a slave, master or security server for sector unless you know what you are doing.

I would expect that the running the servers on OSX would work, but OSX's default case insensitive system would probably cause you no end to pain. If you really do want to use OSX as a server one should probably make sure that the filesystem backing the servers are case sensitive.

I should probably make an effort to submit the patches upstream, I suspect the current developers might not care too much as their development efforts seem to be moving along much faster now. They might just make it more portable themselves.

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