The average temperature in Hong Kong will be 20C.

See for the MTR maps.


November 09 x

Arrive, at 12, get luggage wait for the EU people to get signed through customs and immigrations till (might be 1pm), get octopus cards and get high speed train to main MTR network then to hotel.

Should be able to checkin by 2:30pm. Kerstin and I will leave by now. Freshen up and grab a bite (end by 5:30), wander around aimlessly towards water front to see

This is at 8pm it runs for 15mins, walk back on nathan road to hotel, there are lots of cool pubs along that road!, its about 30min walk. Bring walking shoes, do not bring high heels.

November 10 x: (tbd)

  • 11am till 1pm - Diamond Hill -- gardens nearby
  • 1pm till 2pm - look for something to eat?
  • 2pm till 5pm - Wong Tai Sin, Sik Sik Yuen.

November 11:

  • Day trip - Lan Kwai Fong, middle levels area with escalators
  • Must arrive at Yuen Long MTR station by 6:30pm. means that you need to be at the jordan station by 5:30 and on the train at the latest, take the redline towards Tsuen Wan, transfer at Mei Foo to West Rail and get out at Yuen Long MTR Station.

November 12 x: (tbd)

SAT: family

November 13 : (tbd)

SUN: family

November 14 xx : (tbd)

MON: morning with gd

November 15 : (tbd)

November 16 xx : (tbd)

  • Evening dinner at a 'Dai Pai Dong' in Yuen Long - need to confirm numbers by sunday so we can book a table, this is a local street styled restaurant. TBC and TBD, Kerstin and I will be definitely going. Budget ~200hkd per person. If there are people who aren't interested in this then the suggested alternative is to do the "Duk Ling, sail on an authentic Chinese junk, sunset-timed trip recommended" I think gary and christine was interested in this.

November 17:

Jim's b-day, Claudi's and Ante's departure at noon time, Jose's and Stefan's departure at midnight.


x dates without Jim and Kerstin xx dates with partially Jim & Kerstin

Things to consider

Look up for these things:

  • night market, a unique night market, its near the lady's market
  • lady's market, real dense area full of small stalls
  • the peak
  • star ferry, should get this then go to the peak or peak first then the ferry
  • laser show, this isn't on all the time, we need to check, there is also a nice walk of fame type of thing here with a statue of bruce lee here.
  • stanley, need a car to get here I think
  • repulse bay, need a car to get here I think
  • mong kok, this is a high density area, with a 13 story shopping complex on top of one of the stations, its quite neat.
  • tea museum
  • central escalator
  • ifsc (viewing platform and hong kong stock exchange)
  • Man Mo Temple - there is also the old antiques market near here
  • The Hong Kong Science/Space museums are quite interesting if it rains it might be worth going to
  • Sham Shui Po, this is an old part of hong kong full of middle to lower class earners, the buildings here are pretty unique and interesting
  • The Giant Buddha, I think you need to get the cable car to get there or a coach
  • Some of the outer suburbs on the overland train line is nice
  • Festival Walk, its a massive shopping centre, it's just neat to go there at least once
  • Duk Ling, sail on an authentic Chinese junk, sunset-timed trip recommended
  • Bank of China Tower, has a skydeck on Floor 42
  • Tim Ho Wan, good dim sum


Not sure if you are interested in Disney land, wetland park or ocean park.

Not sure if you are planning on shopping.

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